Yesterday was 8 days post-embryo transfer and I go in next Monday, the 14th, for my blood test. I’ve been anxious every day. Am I pregnant? Am I not pregnant? What is that cramp? I’m spotting a little…am I getting my period?

It’s been TORTURE.

Yesterday B & I went out and bought a pregnancy test. I knew that IF I am even pregnant, there would have been a good chance we would have gotten a negative result on the test being that it might have been too soon to find out. I prepped myself not to get upset if it was negative.

Well wouldn’t you know……………….it said I’M PREGNANT!!

I screamed at the tops of my lungs and jumped up and down and cried. What a sense of relief I felt. Knowing I really didn’t need to stress too much waiting until Monday.

So today I wake up, go to work, do my normal stuff. Next thing you know I’m sitting at my desk and start feeling period cramps. Lower back cramps.


I go to the bathroom and I’m spotting. Okay…nothing to worry about. They said it’s normal to spot here and there. No big deal. DON’T STRESS.

My cramps don’t go away. I got back to the bathroom to see whta’s going on. BLOOD. Dark blood. Way more than just spotting. BLOOD.

I start to Panic and call B. Then I called my doctor.

I had to admit to my IVF nurse that I took a test yesterday and it was positive. She got really excited for me. She thinks that this bleeding is normal. She tried to call me down and told me that she knows this whole thing is scary….the whole thing. I laughed and said yes and started to cry.

She said to get rest this weekend and come in on Monday for my blood test. If it gets any worse, to call back….but she thinks everything is okay. Ever since, some cramping but no blood. That’s good right? I feel like i’m losing my mind. Why does this have to be SO HARD.

This is by far the BIGGEST roller coaster ride i’ve ever been on….


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