I’ve been resting ever since the embryo transfer on Wednesday. B’s been THE BEST. Giving me my progesterone shots every night.

My boss is on vacation so I am working from home today. At 9:30am a sudden wave of PURE PANIC came over me.

I had forgotten to start my estrogen patches yesterday.


I ran downstairs to the dining room to where all my meds are, RIPPED open my box of estradiol patches and put two on….all while shaking, crying and screaming “oh no oh no oh no oh no”…thinking that I completely fucked this whole thing up.

It’s been SIX WEEKS since I started this process…SIX WEEKS of pills and shots and egg retrieval and an embryo transfer. SIX WEEKS and I could have fucked everything up by missing my estrogen dose.

I frantically called B. He didn’t answer but texted me that he was in a meeting. I told him what happened and he tried to call me down as much as he could over text and told me to call the doctor.

I finally pulled myself together and called. The nurse called back 10 minutes later. She said not to worry, I didn’t screw anything up and to just start the patches today.

I didn’t fuck it up. Everything is okay.

I definitely cried tears of joy.


So…now we wait. ONE MORE WEEK. To see if all of this worked.



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