Yesterday, August 2nd, was my embryo transfer day. Here is our little embryo that could….


Isn’t it a beauty?! Honestly…B & I had no clue what we were looking at but the doctor explained the whole thing to us lol!! Either way, we are SO excited. I was pretty much in bed all day yesterday. Groggy from the valium and swollen from the transfer. I stayed home today to get more rest. This will be the longest 12 days EVER.


Of wondering what’s going on, if the blastocyst has hatched correctly and is growing how it should inside of me. Wondering if I’m staying healthy and doing everything right to make sure that this works. I know that it’s all in God’s hands.

To be honest, I’m PETRIFIED. I know this will work, I just keep telling myself. When we get that positive pregnancy test, of course I will be SO happy, but that comes with a lot of anxiety due to my previous miscarriage.

I’m not sure that I’ll rest easy until the day that we finally have a live birth.

So much for the excitement and anticipation that comes with having your first baby. It’s turned into one scary ride for us.

Side note: the night before our transfer, B gave me my progesterone shot in my butt, and we were both excited thinking that was my last shot for this whole cycle.


I have to continue them until our pregnancy test. When our test comes back positive (positive thinking and praying here!!!) I have to continue those shots until I’m 10 weeks pregnant.

OUCH. These hurt. Not necessarily during since I’ve learned to numb the area with ice first. But definitely after…for days. Sore sore sore!!

Anyways…now we wait…for 12 days. Lots of prayers and positive thinking….


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