You want to know what infuriates me? Seeing a news headline that says “Authorities say a 19-year-old woman gave birth at a restaurant where she worked and put the newborn into a trash bag”.

Do you know why that infuriates me? Here I am, sticking myself with needles EVERY SINGLE DAY, trying SO FUCKING HARD to get pregnant and bring a child into this world and we have these sick FUCKS who carelessly get pregnant and give birth in random bathrooms and throw their fucking newborns in the trash and leave them to die.

“The coroner says the child would have likely survived had he not been put in the trash.”


How about we beat the fucking shit out of these people and throw them in a dumpster and leave them to die. I think that’s fair enough treatment, right?? How come we never hear what the outcome is for these sick fucks after they are arrested??


If you don’t want your child, there are millions of people out there who will happily take that child and give it a good life. MYSELF INCLUDED.

*End rant*


One thought on “Seeing RED

  1. i understand the frustration for sure….i will say that this girl must have been in an extraordinarily dark place to do that, and will be haunted for the rest of her life…what I find tragic is that so many young women do not have the resources available to them in so many areas of the country so that they can make good decisions for themselves and their baby during their pregnancy. it’s a tragedy for all…


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