This morning has been a little rocky. My meds have my stomach upset, I’m nauseous, I have a nasty headache AND I have some major hot flashes going on (WOOF!!). Let me just tell you that my office is normally FREEZING. I’ve been sitting here with my cardigan off and my fan blowing in my face. So normal.

Anyways…I decided to scroll through my Facebook news feed and once again I get to see someone else’s adorable birth announcement. Trust me, I am so happy for these people. A baby is truly a blessing. But W.T.F. WTF!!!!!!!!!!! These people got married 6 months ago. Am I just assuming they got pregnant right away? YUP!! Who knows…maybe they tried getting pregnant before their wedding and have struggled like we have struggled. My initial reaction – jealousy.

How do I stop myself from feeling that way? I don’t have a fucking clue! Someone please help me because I’m starting to feel like a real ass hole when I hear the news that someone else is pregnant!!


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